How To Install A Wireless Doorbell Camera?

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Security doorbell cameras are something that have been in existence for quite a while now. While some of us are familiar with them, some are not. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor, and how to install them. We’ll present to you an easy step by step guide that’ll help you with the installation.

The introduction of the element of technology was crucial and we wouldn’t be where we are standing now if it weren’t for technology. With passing times, we kept inventing and discovering tools that made life easy. In the process, we realized that there are several other aspects to the act of living, and one of them is the security of our possessions, and that of ourselves. We have to protect things that are important to us from several possible risks. It isn’t anything complicated. Technology, as mentioned earlier, has made a lot of things possible that seemed impossible, and the aspect of security isn’t any aloof matter as well. The introduction of the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor was a revolutionary event that completely overturned the general approach to security measures. In this article, we’ll talk about security doorbell cameras and how to install them in the general household. Before that, let’s learn about the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor a bit. 

What Is A Wireless Doorbell Camera?

In this section, we’ll learn about what wireless security doorbell cameras are, and how do they work. The market offers countless best wireless doorbell camera with monitor, and we have to choose the one that best suits our needs. It can be a bit of a hassle, but once we know what are our needs and which would be the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for us, we won’t have to worry about anything else. Best wireless doorbell camera with a monitor, as the name suggests, are security cameras that are installed in our door’s doorbell slots, and display the activities or events captured via a display monitor. They’re a bit different from our usual security cameras and their main purpose isn’t surveillance. A wireless doorbell camera comes with a tonne of features, and all of them are meant to make your doorstep more safe and secure than before.

Now some might wonder, why a doorbell camera? Why not just get a usual security camera installed? The best wireless doorbell camera with monitor is an ideal device for a general household’s security, and offers features like two-way audio support, live surveillance, recording, anti-theft, smart home support, etc.  it is installed in the same slot as of a doorbell in a door and to be honest, installation of a best wireless doorbell camera with monitor is fairly easy. There are a few requirements that are crucial for the installation of a wireless doorbell camera. The best wireless doorbell camera with monitor are the ones that can be easily installed without any hassle. Since they are wireless, their installation is quicker and easier than the wired ones. Let’s discuss the requirements for the installation of the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor.

Requirements For The Installation

There are two kinds of doorbell cameras, wired ones, and wireless ones. The best wireless doorbell camera with monitor is the one that runs on batteries. They offer a long battery life at a single charge so you don’t need to charge them every now and then. They just need to be mounted near your door, and if you have a doorbell slot, they’ll fit there. That’s literally it. The wired ones would require a lot more work than the wireless ones. In short, you don’t need to worry about any requirements for installation, if it’s the wireless one that you are getting for yourself. Now, without further ado, let’s proceed further.

Features To Look For In A Wireless Doorbell Camera

It’s important to know what your requirements are when buying a doorbell camera. There are many purposes that the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor serve. There are countless video doorbells in the online and offline markets and without the knowledge of what features we seek, the task of choosing the right one for ourselves can get a bit troublesome.

Let’s have a look at the features you should be looking for while getting the best wireless doorbell camera with a monitor:

HQ video output

This feature is of utmost importance and the best part is that in the case of the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor, one can access that video output or live transmission from almost anywhere and at any time which is great for situations where one is not present at home at the time of need.

Two-way audio

The two-way audio feature, as the name suggests is a feature that enables the support for voice communication (similar to that of a call). It's a pretty great feature as it can be used to interact with people at your doorstep without the need of opening the door. It's great for managing deliveries and handling strangers or even suspicious people. The best wireless doorbell cameras with monitor always have this crucial feature.

Night vision

This a feature that enhances the vision or view output at night so you can get a better view of your doorstep despite the darkness all around it. Having this feature is essential as you don't have to worry about mishaps that might happen at night time.

Emergency alarms

The best wireless doorbell camera with monitor has an anti-theft tech installed that sets an alarm or siren whenever it is tampered with while sending a notification to the linked smartphone. It also has a feature that allows one to contact authorities such as cops in case of an occurring mishap. This is one of the most important features of a doorbell camera and you should always look for it while selecting one for yourself.

There is one more feature that is an optional one, and doesn’t really make any doorbell camera a bad buy if it isn’t included:

Smart home support

This is a feature that not every doorbell camera offers. Google assistant, and Alexa are the most popular home assistants that pair up with your doorbell cameras to give a whole new set of amazing features. It's really useful, and you should be on the lookout for this feature when selecting the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for yourself. Those were the main features a doorbell camera offers, and now let’s have a look at the installation part.


As mentioned earlier, installation of a doorbell camera is easy as a piece of a cake. Here’s a step by step guide after you’ve selected the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for yourself:

  • Make sure to charge your wireless doorbell camera completely before setting the whole thing up. Generally the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor offer a pretty long battery life so they don’t need to be charged often. Most of them would run for 5-6 months straight on a single full charge so charging isn’t something you should be worried about.
  • Locate a place to mount the doorbell camera. It could be anywhere near the door, and ensure that its fov (field of view) covers most parts of your doorstep and area beyond that. No doorbell camera is able to cover everything viewed from your door, so you need to be careful while choosing the mounting location. It should be somewhere from where the doorbell camera can cover the most area of your doorstep including corners.
  • Mounting the doorbell is the easiest step in this section. If your door has a peephole slot, the wireless doorbell camera will fit there. Make sure that the mounting location is the correct one as mentioned in the previous step. Mount the doorbell camera in the most suitable location and that’s it.
  • Setup the digital control by downloading the partner app or the app made for commanding your doorbell camera on your smartphone/PC. This can be used to access live surveillance from anywhere, and to execute a two way communication session if there’s someone at your doorstep, without opening the door.
  • Set up smart home assistants and pair them with your doorbell camera if supported. This will allow you to unlock extra controls such as voice command feature.
  • Enable the anti theft system that will trigger an emergency alarm in case someone tries to tamper with your security doorbell. You’ll be informed via notifications on your smartphone if the alarm goes off.

Those were the steps to install a doorbell camera on your doorstep. We cannot emphasize enough on the statement that you need to select the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor as per your needs.


In this article, we presented an easy guide on how to install a wireless doorbell camera. We also discussed the features they offer to secure a general household. There are many doorbell cameras out there, and if you choose the right one for yourself there is nothing to worry about, and your house and your doorstep would be the safest and secure it has ever been.

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