Wireless Doorbell Cameras With A Touchscreen Monitor

Wireless Doorbell Cameras With A Touchscreen Monitor

With passing times, humanity has come a long way from where it started, and the credit for all of that goes to the never ending desires and tendency of humans to seek change and evolve consistently. The biggest factor that has made it possible to come this far where we stand now is certainly the technology we designed to make our lives a tad easier. Technology has given us many things, and here we are going to discuss about one such gift from technology to us, i.e. doorbell cameras, or security cameras for our doorstep in the simplest terms. Now many of us won’t even be down for this discussion, the reason simple being that they don’t think a doorbell camera is necessary, but what they don’t understand is that we are never too safe. Keeping that in mind, let’s jump in to know everything there is to know about the best doorbell camera with monitor.

What Is A Doorbell Camera?

The introduction of peepholes was a concept uniquely new to most people. Most households have a peephole installed at their front doors, and it’s almost a necessity now. You need to know who’s at your doorstep before you respond to their knock. Technology has helped us take it up a notch and that’s how doorbell cameras came into being. What a doorbell camera does is that it replaces the peephole in your front door and provides a video output of whatever happens at your doorstep, either via live transmission or via a video recording feature. Now this changes a lot of things. You get to see the view or events at your doorstep on a monitor that you can access from almost anywhere given how far technology has come by the time being. Some might think this isn’t that big of a deal but trust us, it has a lot more than that. Now there are two variations of doorbell cameras, the wireless ones and the ones that come with a wired system. It’s obvious that the ones without wires would be more hassle free and easy to install. Both of these variations come in all sorts and prices depending on what are your requirements and what do you need. Their installation is fairly easy and their maintenance isn’t something that one should be worried about. They are built to survive in extreme weather conditions and are pretty durable as well. Let’s now jump into what features they offer and why should everyone consider getting them for homes. It’s only obvious everyone would want to grab the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for themselves.


Now there are countless doorbell cameras out there in the market. They come in all sorts and type and are available for almost every price range that exists. Selecting any one from all of them could be a pretty annoying task. Different varieties of doorbell cameras offer slightly different and unique features out of which you’ve to decide what are the features that you require and what are the features that aren’t necessary for you while keeping your budget in mind. We’ll here discuss all of the known features that security doorbell camera come with and how those features work and what do they contribute in your home’s safety and security. This will help you decide what are the features that you actually need without pondering over it too much, and ultimately assist you in deciding what is the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for you.

Here are the features that a doorbell camera brings with itself:

High quality video output

As mentioned earlier, a doorbell camera displays whatever happens in its fov (field of view) on a monitor either via live transmission or through the feature of video recording where it captures and stores the events at your doorstep in a video format that can be accessed later to watch. It is important that the video output is crisp and clear and also there's nothing to worry about as almost every doorbell camera out there provides a crystal clear full HD output. This feature is of utmost importance and the best part is that in case of smart doorbell cameras, one can access that video output or live transmission from almost anywhere and at anytime which is great for situations where one is not present at home at the time of need. You can see whatever happens at your doorstep and whoever knocks at any time and from anywhere. That's amazing and a very useful feature.

Two way audio output

The two way audio feature, as the name suggests is a feature that enable the support for a voice communication (similar to that of a call). It's a pretty great feature as it can be used to interact with people at your doorstep without the need of opening the door. It's great for managing deliveries and handling strangers or even suspicious people. It connects the voices of the person at your doorstep and yours together so you can communicate easily and without any hassle. It is an essential feature and every doorbell camera should have this feature. Some doorbell cameras also come with a feature that lets you record 2-3 voicemails and play them at your will.

Smart home support

Although this is a feature that not every doorbell camera supports, it is too amazing to skip in this list. Google assistant, and Alexa are two of the most popular home assistants that pair up with your smart doorbell camera to give a whole new set of amazing features and also give access to the voice control features which is just super cool. It's really useful and when using it, you'll definitely find your life getting a bit easier than before.

Night Vision

As the name suggests, this is a feature that enhance the vision or view output at night so you can get a better view of your doorstep despite the darkness all around it. Having this feature is essential as you don't have to worry about mishaps that might happen at night time.


Now storage might be an issue when it comes to selecting a good doorbell camera for ourselves if there's a budget we have to keep in mind. A storage disk is required to store the captured or recorded videos that can be viewed later as it is saved on that storage disk. There are currently two types of available storages for security doorbell cameras. You can store the captured videos on a memory card and you also get the option of using the 'cloud storage'. The latter is recommended as in that case your stored videos would be safer and secure in comparison to when stored in a micro SD card or anything of that sort. However, you might need to buy the subscription that brands or sellers sell along with their products that allows you to have cloud storage for storing and saving your captured footages.

Emergency alarms/contacts

A security doorbell camera has an anti-theft tech installed that sets an alarm or siren whenever it is tampered with while sending a notification to the linked smartphone. It also has a feature that allows one to contact authorities such as cops in case of an occurring mishap. This is one of the most important features of a doorbell camera and you should always look for it while selecting one for yourself. They come in all sorts and types, some even come with a monitor packed with them which is a pretty great deal for a reasonable price which is a pretty great deal to go for.

Installation Requirements

It is fairly easy to install a doorbell camera. You can do it yourself but it’s safer to have an electrician do it for you. All you need is a chime box for placing the doorbell camera and setting up the wires to the existing doorbell if you’ve bought a wired system, a stable wifi connection and you’re all set. The wireless doorbell cameras are even easier to install. You should prioritise a good and stable wifi connection over anything even if your doorbell doesn’t support a smart home support, as smart doorbells work only when connected to a good internet.

 Clear View In Low Light
Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired
Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired
Our Rating
The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired that is priced under budget and  also a great value for money deal to go for. It’s very easy to install and offers a 180° view at your doorstep. It works with Alexa, Google assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings as well.
Features that stand out:
  • No hub required, connects directly to the wifi
  • Detailed video in HD with HDR that lets you see the output clearly even in low light situations
  • Arlo foresight captures video prior to the trigger of motion sensors so you don’t miss a single thing
  • Year round protection
Crystal Clear 2k Output
Eufy Security WiFi Doorbell
Eufy Security WiFi Doorbell
Our Rating
The Eufy Security wifi doorbell comes with a video capture resolution of 2k which is pretty insane for the price it is available for. It comes with no hidden costs and has the feature of responses in real time and even has a free electronic chime included.
Features that stand out:
  • A crystal clear 2k output
  • Real time response
  • AI technology lets you know alerts that matter
  • Two way audio support
  • Free electronic chime
 Dual Band Wifi Connectivity
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus
Our Rating
The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is a pretty great doorbell choice to go for. You can’t go wrong with this product. It is an upgrade from the original Ring Doorbell 2 and has a dual band (2.4 or 5.0 GHz) wifi connectivity. It can also pair with Alexa.
Features that stand out:
  • Get mobile notifications whenever doorbell is pressed or any sort of motion is detected
  • Ring app lets you easily set up the doorbell when connected to wifi
  • 1080p HD video output, with improved motion detection
 Powered By Existing Wiring
EZVIZ DB1C Smart Doorbell Video Camera
Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera
Our Rating
The Remo+ RemoBell S WiFI video doorbell camera is a great choice. It has a motion detecting sensor that gets alerted and issues a notification whenever it detects any kind of motion. It is powered by the existing doorbell wiring and provides 24/7 surveillance. It also offers a high quality streaming footage and allows you to select areas of interest while surveillance. It is currently priced at $113 on Amazon
Features that stand out:
  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring
  • Infrared vision
  • Remo+ app allows you to interact with visitors
  • No monthly subscription fees
 AI Powered Person Detection
EZVIZ DB1C Smart Doorbell Video Camera
EZVIZ DB1C Smart Doorbell Video Camera
Our Rating
The EZVIZ DB1C smart doorbell camera is a great choice if you’re confused among the variety of products available in the market. It has a large 170° vertical view which enables you to see almost everything that happens at your doorstep and also has two way audio support. It also comes with a subscription free storage and a MicroSD Card slot that supports up to 256GB. For a price of roughly around 125 USD, this is a great deal to go for.
Features that stand out:
  • AI powered person detection
  • Subscription free storage
  • Head to toe visibility
  • Two way audio support


Investing in a doorbell camera wouldn’t be a wrong decision at all. It’s all for your home’s safety and security, and as mentioned before, you’re never too safe. Taking extra measures to ensure your and your home’s security is a great step. There are countless varieties of doorbell cameras available there in the market and choosing one of them can be a bit difficult. Aside from that one should be aware of what features and security measures a doorbell camera offers. In this article we mentioned everything there is to know about doorbell cameras, their features, how those features work and what the installation requirements are. Even if there isn’t a budget limit, one should always put some thought before buying a doorbell camera as security of our homes isn’t something we should take chances with, and we definitely want to settle for what is the best wireless doorbell camera with monitor for ourselves. A doorbell camera is certain to make our day to day lives a tad more easier and to add to our home sweet home’s security.

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